Captcha Solving

Most stores now have introduced Captcha, to tell bots and humans apart. It will usually look like this:


The best way to defeat captcha is by getting "one clicks" google offer this to accounts they deem are active and have genuine human interactions, i.e watching youtube video's often, using your google account daily to browse the web. 

On Addikt you can open the Captcha window top left on your dashboard, once you are here you will see the google icon. Simply click on this and log-in to the google account you use the most to ensure you generate one-clicks and can cop with ease.


On Drop-Day when running a task if a captcha is needed it will open the window automatically for you to solve the captcha. Depending on how many tasks you're running the amount of captchas you need to solve will differ. 

Once the captcha window says 'No Captcha Needed' just hit the back button and you will see the new status of your task!





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