Step 2: Create a task

How to create tasks.

Creating tasks has never been easier with Addikt, first, click the + icon on your task menu and select 'Create a Task'

Now you will see the create a task form. 

Store: Choose which site you want to buy from our extensive list of retailers.

Size: Choose your desired size, for best results we recommend 'Random'

Keywords: Keywords are constantly changing week to week depending on the item you are going for. A keyword is a list of a couple of words of the item name so the bot can detect the right item, for example, if you are going for a supreme box logo, you would enter "+boxed,+logo" - We provide keywords for every drop in the notification center on the dashboard.  

Category (Supreme Only): Also provided by us in the notification center, this is the category your item would be found in on Supreme, for example, a Supreme Boxed Logo category would be "Sweatshirts"

Color: The color you want to copy, use N/A is an item is OneSize. "Random" if you want any color.

Profile: Choose the profile you want to use to cop this item if you haven't read already how to set your profile up, click here

Proxy: If you are using proxies you can select one from your list imported. If you are unsure what proxies are or how to add them click here.

Delay: For checkout delay, we recommend 2500-4000. 

Start Time: This is the time you want the bot to start, you do not need to use this feature but it can come in handy if you are busy at the time of the drop

Login (Shopify Only): If the site you are going for, has a 'must be signed in' to cop feature, you can enter your login details here.


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