Step 1. Create your profile

How to create your profile? (A profile is your payment method. We call it a 'profile' because you can create different profiles for different cards when going for the same item more than once)

Navigate to the '+' on the bottom menu and click on 'new profile'. Then enter the profile name (whatever you decide to call the profile will come up on the 'create task' screen under the 'profile' field) and your email address so you can receive your order confirmations. Now, enter your card details, once done press save. Then enter your billing address and shipping address. In most cases it's best that the billing address matches the shipping address, once that’s done, press save. 

You've successfully created your profile.

You can create as many profiles as you'd like to increase your chances of limited releases. Some websites won't allow you to purchase more than once using the same card, so we recommend creating profiles with 3-4 different cards. 

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